New 2021 Jan dance timetable

New Year, New Dances

By Lorraine Ansell | 04 January 2021

Happy New Year! We are back – with new dances, a new timetable and more fun to keep you shaking and moving. If like moi, you have found yourself grazing away at all and every snack (yes I’ve even had the out of date fudge hiding at the back of the cupboard), then it is time. Time to DANCE! Check out the new timetable and classes here.


****NEW January 2021 Dance Timetable****

When are your favourite dance sessions on? Please take a look at the new timetable here. We have all your favourites from Pilates to contemporary, to Latin to tap dance, to ballet, to two, three, four and all the steps.  All classes this month are online so zoom in from your own room! Let’s dance!

January 2021 Dance Timetable High Res

Seriously sassy sessions going on in January 2021!


First Dance Studio January Highlights

This year, let this be the year of learning a new dance from scratch, nailing that technical tap step, revelling in a full height relevé and singing out loud. Which ever dance or fitness discipline you choose, come along and discover dance with us. What have we got in store this month?

Ballet – is back with new barre exercises, beautiful choreography and sparkling spirals.

Tap – technical tap, show tap, tap routines, tap it out with us this month. 

Latin Dance – Brewer’s Ballroom is back so get those lock steps popping and a-rolling those hips.

Contemporary – Wonderfully hyper fluid lines to get you going.

Choir – Sing out loud, sing proud as we bring out voices back.

Zumba – As it is too cold for Calle, then let’s swing to some new releases and fiesta together.

HIIT & Core – Get reacquainted with your core strengths and feel the burn!

Pilates – Focus on strong muscle groups and tone your body.

Musical theatre – dance, song, perform together with song choices from musical numbers.

Stretch Flow – Get into the stretch zone for some relaxing stretches. 

Street dance – pop, lock, dip, twist some serious sass to some current tunes.

Jazz Dance – And bring it on, from Fosse to Kelly, to Prince, our very own Brewer brings back the magic. 



Benefits of Dance

Dancing is so much more than putting on the music and throwing shapes around. Fond of that as I am, dance is a total mental and physical workout where you can feel every moment and step. What else is it about dance that we LOVE?

  1. 1. Dance is fun – dancing alone is great, rock it out in time to the music. But dancing with others is the BEST. The First Dance Studios dance tribe brings it every single class, week in week out. Make friends from home. Easy!
  2. 2. Dance is a workout – Holding that arabesque, feel the burn. Practicing those pick ups, feel the burn. Letting go in Latin, feel the burn. Whichever dance discipline you do, work it baby! If like many of us you have a rather enlarged squidgy middle (be it the result of cheese, cake, Quality Streets, wine – or all of the above) then get toned, get fit, get strong with us.
Tap away the day with First Dance Studios

Tap away the day with First Dance Studios

  1. 3. Dance is a distraction – ok, lets face it, 2020 was…interesting. And now 2021 is already shaping up to be…also quite interesting. So unplug yourself from the news, unhook from the daily disturbances and instead distract yourself by being present and in your element of dance. More mindful movements to keep you going!
  2. 4. Dance is a skill – learn a new dance or two (or three) and steps. Give that brain a bigger workout than the crossword challenge and practice to keep those skills sharp!
  3. 5. Dance is soulful – get your inner child up and about and play and dance just for the simple pleasure of moving. Throw in music, friends and giggles and what a way to let time pass by!



With almost 30 dance and fitness classes on weekly, First Dance Studios is the place to be to join in some of the sharpest dance moves around. Keep fit, keep safe, keep dancing with us this month. So whatever your goals are for this year, come along and join us as we dance the cobwebs (and those extra pounds) away. For further information on how to access the classes please do contact us here. 

Stay sassy!




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