Want to know some things about First Dance Studios, then check out the answers below. From the how’s, where’s and who’s to what you should wear are all answered below.

Where is First Dance Studios?

First Dance Studios have studio spaces around Woking. Main studio space is at the state of the art facilities at Italia Conti the prestigious performing arts institution. Other studios include LESTA at the Knaphill Estate,  Worplesdon Hall and The Arts Centre, Merrow, Guildford. All studios are in Surrey. Please see location when booking a class.

What to wear in dance classes?

Most of our classes do get warm and can you might get sweaty so please dress in clothes that are comfortable and allow ease of movement. A gym kit of t-shirt and leggings works well. Please bring layers like a long sleeved top, hoodie or jumper in the cooler months. Have a look at the photos from some of our classes to see what others have worn to class. Or you can read here for some further ideas and some dance wear brands. 

What dance shoes do I need?

In many classes having the correct footwear is essential. The dance floor is also carefully constructed so as to be not too slippery. If you are doing ballet please wear ballet slippers. Many brands such as Bloch, Capezio, Allegra are good for slippers either in leather or canvas. If you join pointe class please ensure you have pointe shoes. For tap classes, tap dance shoes are essential but we also have some you can borrow. For jazz, contemporary, DOAD and general dance jazz sneakers work well. For ballroom and latin dances,  formal dance shoes would work well. We have a blog post about dance shoes which you can read here. For more questions about shoes please do get in touch with us. 

Can I learn to dance at 25?

Simply put, yes. You can learn to dance from any age. Here at First Dance Studios, we believe dance is for everyone, at any age. We have people dancing with us from 16 all the way to in their 80s! People are from all over, with all sorts of dance abilities. We’ve had dancers of all ages from Italy, France, Australia and of course here in the UK. From beginner to professional, you are more than welcome to attend. Please do get in touch with us and we can discuss what classes work for you.

What type of dance is best for beginners?

The answer is any of them! In our dance studio we have ballet, tap, street, Zumba, street, latin, contemporary. If you are a complete beginner we have workshops throughout the year so you can learn from the basics and then join our different levels of classes. What style of music do you like? What looks like you might enjoy best? Have a look at the classes here. We have ballet, tap and ballroom workshops. Please see here for further information about workshops. 

Can adults learn to tap dance?

Tap dance is one of our favourite dance disciplines here at First Dance Studios. And yes, anyone can learn at any age. We regularly hold tap workshops throughout the year which run over a course of 6 weeks and you can learn the steps quickly and easily. We’ve had people join us from their 20s upwards and have stayed and even taken part in our shows. Tap shoes not essential and you will be taught by our tap technical expert Karen. Please get in touch with us for further information.

Do you have shows and performances?

Yes – we love holding performances and shows. We have a big show every two years held at the Rhoda McGaw. We showcase our dances and classes. And you can be in as many numbers as you like. And if shows aren’t for you then you can come to class for fun instead. Please look at some of the past years dance shows.

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