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Operating since 2002, First Dance Ltd specialises in wedding dance tuition for all couples whatever their age, ability or requirements. Emma and her first dance teachers have taught over 2000+ First Dances since they started over 20 years ago. First Dance Ltd provides fun and informal dance lessons for all couples considering their first dance options.

All lessons are taught in one of our satellite dance studios at a convenient time for you and we offer all couples a FREE Initial Consultation at the studio or on Zoom.

We have also been featured in Surrey Wedding Magazine and are very popular with couples in the area. We work closely with you and your ideas so that your first dance is polished.

First Dance consultation is free

Initial Consultation – Free

Our initial consultation is completely free and non-obligatory. We can either chat with you in person or on Zoom for about 30-45 minutes so we can discuss your first dance wedding options and get an idea of the type of lessons you would like – choose from our classic packages or one-off lessons. Take a look at our video to see what options sound best for you both.

We have 3 levels of first dance options to choose from so you can celebrate in style. If you simply want to feel comfortable in a dance hold, or you want to go all out with “that lift in Dirty Dancing”  we have a level to suit your abilities.

One-off Lessons

Option 1 - One-off lessons – £75 per couple

A 60-minute private lesson learning the basics of hold, moving together in time to the music, plus the basic steps and a turn or two. Dance to your own chosen first dance wedding song which will give you the confidence to move around the floor and dance your own way!

If you are choosing this option, it’s best to book one about 2-3 weeks before the wedding, just in case you need a follow-up or a refresher closer to the big day.

Timeline – We’d recommend starting 2-3 weeks before the wedding/event.

Classic Package

Option 2 - The classic package – £250 per couple

This package consists of three one-hour dance lessons, where we teach you a routine to a song of your choice and take you through the basics – step by step. Learn a dance choreographed specifically for you on your big day. Build your knowledge over the lessons, feel yourselves move around the floor as “one” and dance with confidence. A polished performance. The choreography can be as natural or as flamboyant as you like! This is perfect for couples that need a bit of structure and would feel happier learning a routine, rather than just winging it.

Timeline – Ideally you will need to start your lessons around 4-6 weeks before your wedding day, however, we can do our best to accommodate later requests.




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Option 3 - Couple Confidence Group Dance

Couple Confidence Group Dance – £35 per couple (MAX. 10 couples)

One-off group dance session to learn to dance in hold, build your confidence with dance steps & basic turns.

Perfect for first dances, bridal parties, formal dances, cruises, Dad & Daughter. Bring yourselves, some comfy shoes or shoes for the dance party and let’s dance!

Just Married First Dance

Next Steps

Submit an enquiry using the form below and chat with us about your thoughts. We’d love to guide you through and are so proud to have taught many couples to dance their first dance at their wedding. We aim to provide steps, confidence and joy in moving with your partner as you take to the floor. We consult with you so you can get the dance you are looking for on your big day.

You might also find the FAQ’s below helpful. We go through music choices, hairstyles, outfit choices as well as shoe choices as well and music and mood selection. All this so that you can dance the day away at your wedding!

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This year we have seen so many lovely couples and we look forward to next year for dancing with you.

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First Dance FAQs

Got a question about your First Dance? Well, you might find the answer in our FAQs below…

How soon before the wedding do we need to come in for lessons?

You should ideally think about starting lessons anywhere around 4-12 weeks before the wedding. If you start any earlier, you could forget everything – or get bored of it.

What are my options if we live too far away?

If you’d like to book the package, then we can split the 3 x 1hr lessons into 2 x 1hr 30mins lessons to save on travelling – or if you live even further away, we can teach you the whole thing in one day! We can also do the consultation over the phone to save you coming in to the studio too.

Can you really teach us to dance in just three lessons?

Yes! Everyone is always surprised at how quickly they pick it up – even those with two left feet!

I’m getting married next weekend! Is there any way you can help us?

Of course! We’ll never turn anyone away! If you’ve left it a bit too late, then you can come in for an hour or more of tuition. We’ll keep it simple and effective – but give you some moves to take away with you!

How much practise do we have to do at home?

We’re not expecting much, but obviously the more you practise (especially in the beginning after the first lesson) then the easier it will be in the end. Ideally, you’d want to practise 2-3 times a week for about 10mins each time.

We don’t really want it to look like we’ve had lessons – what are our options?

The majority of our couples don’t want anything too staged, and we can choreograph it specifically so it looks nice and natural. Every couple has input into how they want their dance to look.

What happens if we can’t decide on a song?

Don’t panic – we give you all the advice you need at our free Initial Consultation or you can always email us and we can help you decide which would be best / give you tips on how to choose the perfect song for your day.

I’m panicking about the dress / shoes – should I be worried?

Not at all! We suggest that you bring in similar shoes to practise in on the last lesson – as it makes quite a difference! If you’re worried about the style of your dress / formal wear affecting how you dance, let us know before the lessons begin and we will choreograph your first dance accordingly.

This sounds like an excellent wedding present idea for someone – can I buy vouchers?

Yes – and they make great presents for nervous couples! Although, most couples like to keep it a secret, so don’t go round telling too many people! For details on vouchers, email

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