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We offer a huge range of Adult Dance, fitness and Wellness classes for all abilities. The studio is based in Woking but we also offer an online live streaming Zoom timetable as well as recordings of classes.

As well as many events, shows and workshops throughout the year, we also provide First Dance wedding tuition as one-off lessons or a package of three.

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The studio was set up in 2005 by award winning Emma Brewer, running only a handful of classes. Today, we run almost 35 classes each week, with 11 teachers, a host of wonderful dancers and singers, and put on a fantastic show every other year.

The 2022 Timetable is available now – check out the classes below to learn more.

Dance & Fitness Classes start back Wednesday 5th January 2022. 

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We offer classes for everyone, be it beginner, intermediate or advanced and we have plenty of performance opportunities and social events too! Discover adult and children dance, wellness and fitness classes including days, times and videos of each dance style.

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10 hours ago

First Dance Studios
Good morning one and all.It is an absolutely gorgeous day today and not a cloud in the sky. I think blue is my favourite colour again. I've changed my mind from green. It's important stuff so I'll keep you posted if it changes again.Katie and Karen are strutting their stuff at the studio today - Drop Off & Dance is on this morning, followed by Ballroom and then tonight Karen does 3 hours straight of tap - Tap Gap, Tap Basics Plus and then it's Week 3 already of our Tap Basics course, you are nearly half way through already new tappers!Here is some news for you....would you like to be part of our choir? From next week, the choir is back to put together a piece for the show. They will have 12 wks to get show ready and so do go along if you would like to sing with them! Choir starts from Wed 26th January and it will be 7pm each week. Lalalala!Here are the details for you;9.30am LIVE STUDIO Drop Off & Dance with Karen10.30am LIVE STUDIO Ballroom with Katie6pm LIVE STUDIO Tap Gap with Karen7pm LIVE STUDIO Tap Basics Plus with Karen8pm TAP BASICS COURSE with Karen (Week 2)For livestreaming with Karen, her details are: Meeting ID: 483-988-6212, Password: 46856020th January hey. It's National Disc Jockey Day, National Cheese Lovers Day and you have to be aware of penguins for their Penguin Awareness Day. My youngest still wants to be a DJ, we all love cheese and penguins so that's good at this end. And birthdays? Buzz Aldrin is 92! Plus a Happy Heavenly Birthday to Daddy Brewer. A lot of you will remember his big laugh in the audience at shows and if you were lucky enough to get one of his bear hugs, they were the best hey! He was an amazing tap dancer and will be very happy Karen is teaching a lot of tap tonight! Happy birthday pops. Have a lovely sunny Thursday. ... See MoreSee Less
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Good morning everyone. No de-icing of the car this morning so is it spring yet? No not quite. It's beautifully sunny for the next few days though, goody.Brush off your ballet shoes as Chrystele will be at the studio in approx an hour for her Inter Ballet class and then she will do Pointework afterwards at 11.30am. If you are anything like me, then that would be my cue for a coffee but go for it if you fancy it. No judging either way.Samantha is in tonight for Barre Fitness at 6pm, it's the perfect way of toning, stretching, moving and tweaking so pop along and join in the fun. Here are the details for today and don't forget about the recordings if you would like them....(Pilates and Kids Dance)Pilates with Hayley PRE-RECORD ONLY – please ask if you would like the link and I will send it to you.10.30am LIVE STUDIO Inter Ballet with ChrysteleIf you would like to livestream in - Meeting ID: 505-175-983, Password: 35137811.30am ZOOM Pointework with ChrysteleIf you would like to livestream in - Meeting ID: 633-639-171, Password: 857430PRE-RECORD ONLY Dance For Fun for Kids with Vicky – please ask if you would like the link.6pm LIVE STUDIO Barre Fitness with SamanthaIf you would like to livestream in - Meeting ID: 834-764-5420, Password: 03262119th January? We are smashing January! Well it's National Popcorn Day, National Tin Can Day and Museum Selfie Day......how is that a thing? As we ponder that for a second, it's Dolly Parton's birthday! She is 76! What an amazing woman she is. 10 points to anyone that has been to Dollywood. Let's go!Have a lovely Wednesday, enjoy your 9 to 5, say hi to Jolene for me and remember I will always love you. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 days ago

First Dance Studios
Good morning everyone.Why do teens not need a coat when it is minus three degrees outside? Question of the day. It was brisk this morning but fret not as tomorrow will be double figures and a heady 10 degrees. It's Tuesday and that means one thing - Musical Theatre with Vicky and then it's Technical Jazz and Tap with me tonight. Jazz and Tap are intermediate level and open to everyone who would like to improve their technique and have a good stretch out. We are putting together the list for Sun 30th Jan too - it's the Healthkick workshop so see picture attached. Let us know if you would like to come along and then we'll make sure there is something yummy and healthy for you. Those two words can go together Sophie tells me. Here are the details for today;5.30pm LIVE STUDIO Musical Theatre with Vicky6.30pm LIVE STUDIO Technical Jazz with Emma7.30pm LIVE STUDIO Inter/Adv Tap with EmmaIf you would like to livestream the classes on Zoom, here are the details;Vicky’s Musical Theatre: Meeting ID: 696-291-1549, Password: jukes1307Emma’s classes: Meeting ID: 834-764-5420, Password: 032621I'm sorry I missed the post yesterday, I had internet issues this end as I "upgraded" my system. "Easy" I was told. If easy means that I wouldn't have internet access for 5 hours then they were spot on. I feel like I should embrace yesterday too as dear Betty White would have been 100 (you remember her from Golden Girls?) and it was supposed to be Blue Monday yesterday. Never a blue Monday at the studio. Today is National Thesaurus Day and I've just looked up a synonym of blue beginning with T for Tuesday to celebrate the fact but I couldn't find one. Happy birthday to Mark Rylance too - Corrina Meyer, I always think of you when I see him. #bigfan Have a happy non-blue Tuesday everyone. ... See MoreSee Less
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