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Carry on with Choir!

By Lorraine Ansell | 10 November 2020

Sing out loud even in lockdown. Time to focus on our Do-Ray-Mis. Did you know that First Dance Studios has it’s own choir? With choice choons, chats and chimes, our choir is quite the community. Nathan leads us in song every Wednesday from 6pm. 

How do I join the choir?

The choir is open to anyone and everyone, mixed ability and at every stage of your signing journey. And the beauty is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home using the zoom room. With a rotating repertoire the choir that sings together, challenges themselves together chorally. After chatting with the choir, I am going for it, this Wednesday evening and joining them as it sounds pretty amazing to be honest! 

What is the choir working on at the moment?

The First Dance Singers are focusing on an eclectic range of music including a piece for Remembrance, plus a new arrangement by Nathan of the classic “Blue Moon” because well, October did have a blue moon. And also because we all love a little bit of Salsa “La Musica” has been added to the list. Ohhh I feel a bit of a party coming on!



Discover the Choir that connects and chimes together

The FDS enjoy singing and also chatting online. I’ve been getting serious FOMO because the choir has been discussing whose got a soggy bottom from Bake-Off and also breaking down performances they’ve watched on YouTube. And Nathan is always leading a ‘note-bashing’ session from the piano so that people can learn their melodies and harmonies before we put them ‘together’, normally boosted by the online support of a choir such as Voices8 or The Sixteen as we sing along with them. 

Ohhh and is that the sound of bells I can hear?

Yes, it is almost time to grab the box of Christmas decorations from the loft. But before you do, get the carol books out as the choir will be cranking out the Christmas tunes next! To join the choir, like me this week, please get in touch and we can send you the log on details and password. 

Keep Singing, Keep Safe,


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Sunday 11am-6pm

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