HIIT and Core

High time to get some HIIT

By Lorraine Ansell | 18 November 2020

Feeling the need for some high octane intensity fitness? Well First Dance Studios has the class for you. Sophie takes you through a fun, high intensity class that focuses on Cardio and Strength sections. Every Wednesday evening at 6pm join us for some after work exercising from home. 

What happens in this HIIT and Core class?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has many benefits. These are improved anaerobic capacity, heart-rate recovery, and an increased max heart rate. And all this in a short workout time. Sophie takes you through a gentle warm up with emphasis on warming up all the large muscle groups. Then there are two section that focus on pushing the intensity of the workout and ensuring that core works to keep us supported. These are Cardio and Strength. We are all love the AMRAP section where we do As Many Rounds As Possible. 


In the cardio section there are lots of rounds of cardio with exercises such as burpees, high knee running, squat floor taps and shoulder taps. Yes the aim is to keep the heart rate high. With high intensity music pumping through your zoom room speakers of choice you will feel the burn. We love Sophie shouting out the next set and what options of difficulty are available. This is a fun full workout and you can ramp up the intensity as you wish. 

Sophie brings the Salsa Steps to Zumba


With the strength section, there is an added option for weights if you want to make it harder and challenge yourself. You will be surprised how your body will get stronger after each week doing this class. Class then finishes off with stretching out those muscles. Lengthen out those hard working abs and find a solid balance stance. Having taken part in a few of Sophie’s sessions there is a glimmer of a line in my arms which means the upper body workouts are really paying off!

What do I need in class? 

A fitness mat would be really useful for the four point kneeling. If you have some hand weights and want to use then, bring those along as well. Also have plenty of water with you and a towel to mop that hard worked for sweat. Wear clothes that are comfortable and you’re able to move in. 

Burst through the burn with Sophie on Wednesday, for further information on how to join the class please contact us here. 

Get right to the core with us,


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