Shows and Performances

At First Dance Studios, we put on a large bi-annual showcase for family and friends at The Rhoda McGaw Theatre in Woking. They get bigger and bigger each time but are always huge amounts of fun. There is no obligation to be in the show so if you don’t want to perform you can still very much come to class and learn the routines. Or if you fancy being involved in other ways there are always opportunities to help backstage. Our Show Info Pack is here for our next show.

Our next show ‘Take The LEAD‘ is in April 2024. The Box office is now open! Book tickets here

Enjoy looking at some of our pictures from past performances.

First Dance Shows

First Dance Studios Shows and Dance Performances

It’s All About The Vision 2022

A re-worked version of what was meant to be our 2020 show! We showcased an amazing mix of dances from big show numbers to emotional, story telling pieces.


It's All About The People 2018

It’s All About The People 2018

The people at the studio really make the studio! This show was an homage to them. Ballet, tap, jazz dance show case numbers. Routines with extra sparkle from contemporary, musical theatre and great music.

It's All About The Music 2016

It’s All About The Music 2016

A change of title and it really is all about the music…

A Change of Scene 2014

A Change of Scene 2014

Keeping the “scene” in the title we managed to eek this out as a trilogy.

Behind The Scenes 2012

Behind The Scenes 2012

This show gave our audience a look in to what happens backstage!

Set The Scene 2010

Set The Scene 2010

Our first ever show!

Guest Performances

We also put a handful of numbers into other show throughout the year including the Woking Dance Space Show (thank you WDS!) and the Joining Forces show, brilliantly directed by Gretchen Fox-Kiefer. Here are some pictures from the guest performances we’ve featured in over the years…

Get Ready to Turn Jazz Dance and theatre jazz from First Dance Studios List of Jazz dance styles

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