Time to Tap Dance

Turn the TAP on!

By Lorraine Ansell | 05 November 2020

Yes, turn it on to the max because we have two amazing “learn in lockdown” tap routines to get your feet and brains around this month. Did you say two? Yes two life affirming, tap-tastic toe tapping, top numbers. That is a whole lot of tap. Yes indeed. So, you want in right?

What are the tap dance numbers? 

First up with have the leg-end that is Karen, who in lockdown number one, chose to choreograph to “Cups” from Pitch Perfect “When I’m Gone”. A whole bunch of us logged on and took on the Cups challenge. Such fun though I am still not sure about my clapping. And now in Lockdown 2, Karen has chosen a corker of a choreography for this general ability tap class. Every Thursday at 6pm online using Zoom, Karen will break down the steps to Michael Bublés, “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow.” No way! Yes way with tap steps and shuffles in them. An easy to follow along class with a catchy tune perfect for tapping along to.

And then on a Saturday, the Jeanne-ius that is Emma, who brings to you, through the magic of online streaming, a tap routine that will give you the chance to be in your own show from home. Every Saturday at 3pm Emma will take it slow showing you the steps. In the first lockdown,  Emma delivered the best routine to hit musical number from Hamilton, “The Room where it Happens.” It was all happening and Tapp-ening in the Zoom Room! Now this time around, Emma brings out the best for this show number to tap to. Yep, it is your one big chance to be in this show as Emma has picked “Broadway Baby” from Follies BUT actually using the Glee version instead. Pound and pickup your feet and follow along as Emma takes you through each tap step of the way. 


How can I tap dance at home?

Simples! There are a few ways you can still tap from home and we have all found what works for us individually. So some people dance on carpet using no tap shoes and instead use slippers or jazz/ballet shoes. Other tappers dance on the concrete of their garage floors, propping up their computer, tablet or phone to join in with class. If you happen to use your kitchen (handy for snacking quickly and easily) then use jazz sneakers on the lino. I prefer using the cut out section of an old kitchen worktop, placed onto an old towel on top of my carpet rug in the living room. So what ever you choose, make sure it is sturdy, not slippery and big enough to get those steps in. 

When are the classes?

These great tap dance routines are taking place over a month in November. 

Thursdays at 6pm for “Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow” – sneak peek here on social media

Saturdays at 3pm for “Broadway Baby”

We look forward to seeing you online. If you miss it or you fancy have the recording to watch at your own pace, a video is available so you can catch up in your own time. For information about how to sign up to classes please contact us here. There are over 25 classes during this lockdown so please see them here. 

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