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By Lorraine Ansell | 29 October 2020

Step into Street Jazz

We have a fantastic new teacher that joined us here at First Dance Studios during lockdown. Diane-Louise Towe has joined the dance roster. Not only is she a super ace street jazz dance teacher but also an award winning tap dancer. What? Yes, tots amazing right!? 

What is street jazz dance?

Street jazz is a fusing of a few dance styles. Mostly these are commercial jazz, street style and hip hop. There are also elements of electronic dance or breakdance included. This combination produces a distinctive dance style with routines choreographed to some cracking tunes. It started life as an informal dance style and evolved into its own blend. The movements are both big but smooth. Body popping and isolations are more common in this dance style. 

That sounds fun!

It really is! Street jazz is such a raw fusion of style that we love it. Dancing street challenges us to focus on body movements in a different way than the other dance disciplines. The beats, like in tap dance matter more and hitting and accentuating a movement on a beat is really fun. Diana works hard in coming up with fun, sassy and seriously street cool moves. 

Diana teaching Street dance


When is street dance class?

Discover some daring dance moves every Monday night. Diana teaches a session at 6.45pm and you can also do some body locking from home as she also livestreams the class. 

What clothes to wear to street dance class?

Street classes get hot, very quickly due to a solid warm up followed by breaking down the street routine. Leggings, t-shirt, crop top, anything that you can move freely in when you need to isolate or swoop a leg in and out. Jazz sneakers work really well in class. Bring along a bottle of water and join us having fun. Diana is working on a number to “Bury a Friend”, perfectly spooky and sassy for the autumn sessions.

Where is class?

Join Diana and the rest of the street crew at Heather Farm, Woking where there is plenty of parking. Please do get in touch here with us to find out more.

Find your fierce and make some friends in street class. First Dance, For All.


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