Super Saturday Dance with us

Super Saturday

By Lorraine Ansell | 13 November 2020

What’s your flavour of dance today? Are you in the mood for some ballet? Do you desire some jazz? Do you want to treat yourself to some tap? Or do you lust for some latin dance? Or how about some creative contemporary? Well it is Super Saturday and you have a choice of 7 dance classes and 5 dance disciplines to pick from online. Discover your next dance class here! 

Which dance discipline to pick?

The choice, mes amies, as they say, is all yours. Pick one, pick two or go wild and pick all the dance classes you want. Who is going for gold and doing all seven? It is Super Saturday after all. And you can do these all from home during this lockdown. And now, let’s get ready to warm up as the classes today are quite special. Here you go, here is what we have on. Our super duper dance teachers are definitely picking up the dance baton for a relay dance day! Dancers assemble, let the day begin.

**************SUPER SATURDAY*************

First up on the starting blocks to begin a day full of dance, is….

10.30am CONTEMPORARY with Emily – free flowing, strong disciplined lines. Isolate the movements, pull them into shape and start the day in fab style. Today with three tracks to work on. The first has the inviting warmness vocals of India Arie with “I am Light,” to wake your mind, body and soul. The resonant lyrics will move you and your body, because you are a divine dancer. A second song, “When you’re with me” or rather us, has a wonderful guitar strumming away to guide you as you step ensemble together. This piece will change your life, be with us dancing for the simple pleasures in life. And then we will always build you up with an up tempo song by Colbie Caillat and steps that are like a much needed embrace. Your heart centre will thank you. Then we have….

11.15am Inter Ballet with Emily –  begin at the barre to ensure your limbs warm up. Each exercise that Emily talks you through is a masterclass in mindfulness, connection and confidence. Be sure to be a ballet beauty with us as we build up our bodies. With instrumental versions of beautiful songs such as Lady Gaga’s “Shallow” will aide you as you do a pas de cheval (an ankle and foot step which with a long and strong movement looks like the hoof step of a horse). Refine your routine warm up and get into pole positions and at the end, get ready to receive rapturous applause from the your audience. Champagne mes amours awaits!

And then the baton is handed over to…

12pm Masterclass Month Tap Dance with Karen – this week, get ready to hone the rolls, refine those riffs and work out your mind with clever close work. And Top of the Pop picks for class today include “It’s a Beautiful Day”, fast feet with our favourite fancy “Footloose” and “Up!” And from where you are in your zoom room, be sure to master your taps together with us. Along with “A Night Like this” from the gem that is Caro Emerald, you will be creating quite the tap silhouette. Top tips on those taps for upcoming shows and performances. Be pickup perfect after this session ready for more things in the New Year! Revel in rolls because together we’ll riff along rather well during this session. And after the tap dance class, the baton….

Gets passed over in the dance engagement zone to….

1.30pm Ballet with Emma – where we all limber up in lockdown by starting with just four wonderful notes by Paul Harvey. An improvised piece of nostalgic melody for the pliés section. Then tendus with La Traviata, while we rotate with some rather jolly Offenbach for the Ronds de jambes. Ahhh and of course let’s fall in love with our dévelopées and adages with some Romeo and Juliet. And that most grand of moments as we all wait for that final note as we work on our Grands Battements to “Entrée of Kitri.” And then the number that we are learning, this week is the second week of “The Show must go on” by Queen and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The urgency in the opening bars by the violins will set your pulse racing and if you saw the recent Amazon advert then you will feel all the feelings and more with us in this piece. Followed by….

2.15pm Theatre Jazz with Emma – Now, who remembers the routine? Was it step, kick, flick, kick or step, kick kick, flick step? Get ready to mark it, dance it, kick it. Correct the kicks and before long you’ll get that part! This piece, “I Hope I Get it” will bring you hope and make you kick along all weekend long. Feel the sass in each new section of this number as we learn what it takes to get to that particular audition. This piece also has a good stretch and chill moment as well which teases us before the main part! Let’s make a lockdown Chorus Line up together online!

3pm Show tap with Emma – Reach for those (Washington) Heights because Broadway is now your tap dance destination. Yes, still enjoy travelling from the comfort of your own home. Find some fabulous footwork in this fun number. This Broadway Baby version is from Glee. And much like the song, yes we are in our tiny flat (living room/kitchen/garage – choose your most appropriate dance space) and yes, most times with a cat (or dog or even both). Emma will have you stamp pick up time stepping away to this catchy tune. Now where is that grand piano we can dance around?

And then onto the final stretch, crossing the line and claiming the Gold Glitter Ball for team FDS is the amazing….

3.50pm Solo Latin with Katie – Hmm hmm hmm and what a routine she has in store for us today. Last week we had a rumba to entertain ourselves with. This week, Brewer’s Ballroom brings to you the bling baile that is the Cha Cha Cha. Go on, challenge yourself with this seriously stylish latin dance. Compact of step so perfect to do from anywhere in your home, this Cha Cha dance gets straight to the Cuban beat point. And this particular number, with that electric guitar is what you are aiming to keep to speed with. Scream and shout to this one as you really won’t feel the “Pressure” from this chosen Muse-ic choice. Be upstanding for an uprising with us as we cut quite the dash across the dance floor!

Dance with us

How do I join in with this amazing dance classes?

Simples! First Dance Studios steam classes online through Zoom. Please do get in touch with us for the class ID and password. Then all you have to do is pick your classes, pick your own zoom room (I have preference for the living room – though to be honest those in the kitchen have the luck to be right near the food and drinks). And then join the meeting and boom, zoom into the room. 

Wow, I relay want to join in but can’t make that time

We relay, really want you to enjoy some dance time because we all know how dance is so great for physical and mental health. Also it is so much fun that we also know that the dance danger is some serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) if you can’t make it. So drop us a line and we can send you a recording of the class afterwards. That way you can keep dancing in your own time. When you can make it, excellent, zoom the dance day away with us.

And on Sunday we rest right?

Well, actually, the victory lap of a full weekend of dance, actually goes to Sophie on Sunday as she takes on the FDS banner and tours the stadium (living room) with Zumba and then eases you into the rest of Sunday with Stretch and flow. 

Go for Gold this weekend with us! It really is a winner, winner join us for a dancing day thriller,


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