Dance with us during Lockdown

Who needs some Ballet?

By Lorraine Ansell | 06 November 2020

We all do! We all need some ballet steps to help keep us going while in lockdown. And here at First Dance Studios, Emma, Emily and Chrystele have 7 ballet dance classes between them. Oh wow, yes pliés! 

What ballet classes are going on during lockdown?

Emma is going to teach a wonderful new routine starting this Saturday afternoon at 1.30pm during November. She will break down the steps into ballet bite size easy to learn parts. There are beautiful ballet steps such as a third arabesque and my personal favourite the glissade assemblé sissone (a slide step, put the legs together and then jump scissor like by splitting the legs and landing on one foot). And if you didn’t quite get that then come along to class. Ahhhh what a treat, Emma has in store for us ballerinas! The music this piece is choreographed to is Queen’s “Show must go on” but with a twist. It is the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra version and trust me, your heart will swell as you step out in an open fifth.

Sounds great, are there other ballet classes on?

Yes, there are ballet classes for beginners, intermediate and general ability all throughout the week so you can take your pick. Ballet classes all start with a warm up to ensure that feet, ankles, legs and your whole body are ready. The gentle stretches wake you up so that you can start the routine toasty warm. Then there are some moments spent on technique, breaking down steps and a number to learn. Practice always make perfect so if you want to turn out more, come along and join us.

Ballet beauties

When can I join in with ballet classes?

We have quite a few ballet classes going on for all levels. Here they are in their full fondu glory, please have a look and see what suits your level and lifestyle; 


Beginner Ballet with Chrystele 9.30am

Inter Ballet (Barre) with Chrystele 10.15am

Inter Ballet (Centre) with Chrystele 10.45am

Pointework with Chrystele 11.30am


Beginner Ballet with Emily 11.45am


Inter Ballet with Emily 11.15am

Ballet (all levels) with Emma 1.30pm

Please do get in touch with us here for information about how to join in and stream the live classes to your home. 

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