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How to learn basic ballet with First Dance Studios

By Lorraine Ansell | 29 April 2022

Back by popular demand – how to learn basic ballet is back on!  Here at First Dance Studios, we say that ballet is a beautiful, enchanting and artistic form of dance. We adore ballet and so do many others and we are delighted to announce that the next Ballet Basics Workshop date is, Wednesday 8 June 2022 at 8pm for 6 weeks. Sign up to save your spot.

What is ballet Basics course?

A brand new 6-week beginners ballet course where you will learn the basic ballet steps. Here, in this introductory course you will learn basic ballet steps and movement. Then techniques used in the dance discipline that is ballet as well as combinations. Finally after perfecting your newly acquired steps there will be a short routine at the end of the course. Swan Lake here we come!

Who is this basic ballet course for?

Each ballet workshop has a real mix of dancers of differing levels. It is aimed for absolute beginners who have never tried ballet before and also wondered about taking it up as a great way to keep fit and keep strong. But it is also for anyone who has some understanding, maybe you did some ballet as a child or for anyone who wants to find a new fun activity and make dance friends. Ballet is a great overall dance foundation for other disciplines as well.

Adult ballet basics course

What happens in a basics ballet course?

As a child in a ballet class focus is mainly on “good toes, bad toes” and as the body develops the classes are aimed at strength and understanding of movement. In an adult ballet session our aim is a solid understanding of the steps and warm up exercises such as plies, arm and leg positions and using these new movements and techniques into a routine. Emphasis is on turn outs which work and lengthen the leg muscles, arms positioning from first to fifth and learning the names of key ballet steps. Yes, ballet steps are in French but super easy to pick up and learn and your ballet teacher, Diana, teaches all ages from 3+ years so she breaks each step and movement really easily.

When is the next Ballet Basics Workshop?

Learn the positions both for arms and legs, meet us at the barre and discover how ballet is a really beautiful dance. The next workshop starts Wednesday 8th June @8pm for 6 weeks. The adult ballet dance session starts at 8pm and lasts about an hour. Bring a water bottle and wear clothes you can move around in. And all this for £59 per person (per course).


Sam found the basic ballet a great way to step into the dance, “A fun and approachable way to kickstart your ballet journey! Step sequences and terminology are thoroughly explained without feeling overwhelming and everyone is made to feel welcome and supported. I could notice my confidence growing each week and would definitely encourage everyone to give it a try!”

Adult Ballet Classes

Please watch this video to see a typical ballet class. The aim of this course is for you to learn the steps and styles so you can join and become part of our Sassy Swans. Ballet shoes are ideal to wear in class but not essential. Please do get in touch with us about footwear but also have a read of this post here.

What ballet classes are on weekly?

Once you complete the Ballet Basics Course then you can move onto the various ballet classes that are available throughout the week. Every week there are a selection of classes for different levels of ballet dance experience. Please have a look at the ballet dance section here to see what classes are on weekly. There are classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced including pointework.

And remember that classes are recorded so you can refer back to them and review the steps you learnt in each class. To sign up and save your spot on this ballet basics workshop please contact us here or email us at

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