Beginner’s Guide to Yoga with First Dance Studios

By Lorraine Ansell | September 2022

Welcome and please give a big heart felt nod of gratitude as we welcome Janette to the studios! Janette is a qualified Yoga teacher and is running two wonderful Yoga workshops starting in October.

What is Yoga?

Yoga started in India and the practise which encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual was handed down from teacher to student. This discipline aims to align us and creating a union between the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga, the word, comes from the Sanskrit root of yuj which means “to yoke” or rather “to unite”. This bringing together or aligning or union is beneficial as it tends to dampen down the ego-driven behaviours and thoughts we may have and in so doing, creates a sense of spiritual awakening.

There are many schools of yoga but all work to certain principles called the Yama or niyama. By focusing on the mind, the body and also on breath work the aim is to align ourselves. Janette is a registered 500hr yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance (Worldwide) having trained in Bali and India.(Vinyasa Hatha Iyengar). Further qualifications include Ashtanga Vinyasa (India), Yin (Krackow) and Aerial yoga (Glasgow).

Yoga Workshops

We are very excited about Janette and her two upcoming workshops because we will very much take as much awakening as we can achieve. So first up we have a Beginner yoga course which will be held at the First Dance Studios location of Heather Farm. A wonderful location so connect and breathe.


Janette is excited to bring to you a 6 week workshop that may be the start of your yoga journey. This beginner workshop requires no training, open to all fitness levels, simply an open mind to activate the body and keep it moving slowly.

When: Starts Wed 5th Oct and runs until 9th Nov for a 6 week course

Time; Wednesdays 12.15pm – 1.15pm

Where: Heather Farm Studio

Price: £60 per person (loyalty cards and Friends cards can be put towards this)

NB: If someone misses the half term one because of child commitments, Janette will do an extra one at the end of the course should you require this.

What is Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga? 

This school of yoga works by combining breath and movement in flowing sequences with postures or rather asanas. These are all choregrphared movements to get into and out of each. By practising regularly, this may develop strength, stamina and flexibility and the focus of the mind and stillness means staying in the present. Thought is given to breathe, slowing it down and exhaling before moving into the next asana.

What to bring?

Mats are provided at the studio and we have antibacterial wipes on hand so you can wipe them down with before and after. Please wear what you find comfortable to move around in, to raise arms up in and sit cross legged in. Bring some water with you and a towel if you feel you need it. Other yoga items such as blocks are available should the practice require them.


Sundays are a day of rest and after a busy week and/or weekend then what better than to relax, restore, rejuvenate with Yin Yoga.  This style of yoga focuses on holding poses for longer and by doing so targets the fascia, connective tissue, ligaments and bones. It is much slower and asanas are held for longer.

When: Starts Sun 9th Oct and runs until 13th Nov for a 6 week course

Time; Sundays 3.30pm – 4.30pm

Where: Heather Farm Studio

Price: £60 per person (loyalty cards and Friends cards can be put towards this)

How to sign up?

To join us with our Yoga practice workshops then simply log onto Mindbody and save your space or email us on – let’s focus and move together!


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