Take the LEAD – Review by Mike Hobbins

By Mike Hobbins - April 2024

Take the LEAD: presented by First Dance Studios

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of attending an inspiring show put on by the First Dance Studios Company at the local Woking theatre, Rhoda McGaw. The production ran for three days and included four performances that showcased the beauty of the arts and the importance of local community projects. In today’s times of cost-of-living crises and threats to the arts, the work of First Dance Studios is essential.

Take the LEAD delivered ‘an evening of song and dance’ performed by dancers, singers and actors of all ages and abilities. During the show, we learned that the performers’ ages ranged from 18 up to 81, demonstrating the inclusivity and versatility of the studio. The show featured a wide range of dance styles, including ballet, tap, street and singing from the musical theatre and pop/rock worlds.

Over the course of two acts and two hours, the audience watched and listened to the performances of over 120 performers. Their commitment and enchantment to the arts was evident throughout the show, with beaming smiles, infectious energy, technical ability, and genuine entertainment emanating from the stage. The Director, Emma Brewer, and the whole production team should be proud of the wealth of talent that they have assembled, trained and cajoled over the many weeks of what must have been an exhausting project. The success of the show required coordination and encouragement from many people, including stage management, lighting and sound, choreography, costumes, scenery and props, digital presentations, programme design, social media and marketing, photography, and filming. Everyone involved deserves to hold their heads up high for providing top-notch entertainment to their audiences.

In conclusion, I urge our local government authorities to invest in the arts, which are the lifeblood of our communities. Finally, I encourage all aspiring performers to join schools/companies like First Dance Studios, which will inspire you and bring you great joy!

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