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H is for Healthkick – Join us for our advice workshop

By Corinne Spiller | 17 January 2022

Welcome back to everyone that is having a go at our Creative Challenges. We are firmly in Winter and as I look outside the pond is frozen and ice has formed along all the reeds in Heather Farm. Brrr it may be chilly outside but inside we are hoping for heat, health and happiness! So read on for some further information about H is for Healthkick.

What is the Creative Challenge? 

Back in lockdown number (checks notes and memory banks) hmmm I think number three, it was cold, dark and well frankly quite dank. Emma Brewer had a brain wave of epic proportions. The now AWARD WINNING Emma came up with an awesome 8-week creative challenge which ran from January to  March. We were set fun challenges using the alphabet – each letter from A to Z was a different creative theme.

Award Winning First Dance Studios

And so we rattled through the Alphabet, making Art, baking, cooking, drinking (well making them) etc all the way to Z is for Zoom party where we celebrated in March 2021. As we went each entry was given points and at the end we even had our Star Creator winner, Marina Beck! It was so much fun and we all learnt something about ourselves and new creative activities to join in with. Being together online with people during that lockdown was a lifesaver. And it turns out so many people agreed that Emma won the Bayfields Community Champion South East award! She even make the newspapers – see Woking News and Mail above and was interviewed on BBC Radio Surrey!

You are invited!

And now we are right in the middle of the Winter Creative Challenges. So for H is for Healthkick we felt it would be wonderful to invite you all to join us for the First Dance Studios Healthkick Workshop. Details below;

When; Sunday 30th January 2022

Time; 10am for a walk around Heather Farm

Where; Heather Farm

After the walk we will enjoy a few H is for Healthy warming drinks and advice on nutrition, sleep and fitness. The focus will be on healthy ways to get a happy 2022 goals. We will also have a Mindfulness session at the end to make it a great way to spend Sunday morning. Bring along friends, partners, children, pets and possibly wellies, coats, hats, scarves!

Join us this month health challenge

How to I confirm I am going?

Please do RSVP the team on and we very much look forward to seeing you on Sunday 30th January.

Where can I read the Winter Challenges? Just click the link below and check it out!

FDS Creation Magazine Winter December 2021

Let’s get healthy!


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