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*First Dance Studios Re-OPENS*

By Lorraine Ansell | 15 May 2021

Don’t stop moving to the First Dance Studios beat! We are going giddy with excitement here because our home away from home, our dance & fitness studio is to RE-OPEN MONDAY 17th MAY 2021! Throw your hands in the air and dance around. Your dance favourites are back, like ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, street, latin, musical theatre and much more. Check out the new class timetable here. 

First Dance Studios Dance Studio Reopens

After over a year on & off and over a 1000 online dance & fitness classes all in our zoom rooms we are so happy to be able to have the next dance with you all in person. Take up the tap boards, pull away that extra floor Lino, wave the cats and dogs farewell for a few hours as you come back to the dance floor. Ohhh from the top we go!

First Dance Studios Woking – Get Prepared to Dance

So first things first. Find your dance gear and shoes, check out the new timetable here or on the classes page and book on MindBody!

We have a handy guide of information on what to do once you get back into the dance studio. Please do have a look and listen. We are so excited to have you back dancing together but we also want you all to be safe.



Are there any new dance or fitness sessions?

Yes and all of them with extra pinches of Sass! Your fitness favourites are all there including Pilates and Stretch Flow. But now we also introduce Bootcamp every Saturday morning at 9am with Sophie! If you have been doing the popular Fitness Modules with us online you will know how beneficial these have been to our physical and mental health. This adult bootcamp class is easy to follow with similar exercises you’ve been doing in Love Fitness.

Come along to swan around in Ballet, pop on your taps for up tempo time steps, take your partners or your self for Latin and rock step and hold into Musical Theatre. However we also have a few new classes including Latin FUNK every Saturday at 3.55pm which will be a mix up of jazz dance styles with a bit of street thrown in for anyone who just wants a bit of a dance party.

Just dance with us adult dance classes online


It has been a long while since I danced

If you were able to join in from your homes, garages, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms thank you so much, we have loved seeing your faces on the screen. It really has kept us all going. Our dance & fitness teachers have loved dancing online with you all. We know that it really isn’ the same as being in studio which is why we are very exciting about going back. And for many of us it has been a while since we danced properly. Having sat mostly on my sofa nursing an injury for the past two months, I have lost fitness, muscle and muscle memory and gained a few extra pounds. Some clothes have shrunk and I’ve had to buy new tops as well as dance shoes. I have thousands of thoughts and feelings about being back, being with people, being in front of the mirrors and about what to wear. But the over arching thought is, I cannot wait to be back dancing with you amazing people. 


Coming back to dance

Like so many of you, we have missed those tiny yet significant studio moments. When you get the step right and in time with the music and a clap. Or when you catch another dancers eye as you throw shapes around. Perhaps it’s when you see everyone sticking their tongue out in concentration trying to master a new combo. The feeling in my body and mind when the music goes on. The knowledge that in that moment all of us there dancing together, we all love it and we’re united in that passion. Will I feel a bit wobbly going back? Yes of course. But I know that as soon as the teachers starts the warm up and I catch your eyes in the mirror, with the music blaring out from the speakers I know I’ll be more than OK. I will be dancing with you once again!


Tap dance at First Dance Studios Woking online and in studio

Let’s Dance

So grab your dance gear. Check out your classes on the timetable. Book yourself in using Mindbody to get a studio place. The first few weeks back, we’ll all be getting used to things again. The shoes, the floor, the mirrors, the people, the whole experience. But you know as well as we do, what an experience it is. As one of our ballet dancers said in zoom ballet, “Dance takes you to another place.” Discover your dancing place with us as we open the studio and welcome you back to the stage.

Dancers, take your positions, welcome back to the dance floor,



For any questions please call or email us – info@firstdance.co.uk or send us a direct message on social media. Have you seen our instagram? See what dances we have been doing pre and during lockdown.



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Monday-Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

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