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What does Dance mean to you?

By Lorraine Ansell | 25 September 2020

Dance can mean so many things to so many people. A fitness programme. A way to express yourself. A place of connection with other people. Here at First Dance Studios we adore everything about dance. We love how it makes us feel both physically and emotionally. It makes us think and challenges both our minds and body. We enjoy listening to the music and moving with the counts. Or even not moving when you get a tacet step. And what do we love most? Is that we get to dance with others. In short we totally perpetually and wonderfully love to dance. Any form of dance. Tap, jazz, ballet, street, contemporary, lyrical, ballroom, salsa, Zumba, our love list goes on and on. What about you? Is dance a way you keep fit? Or is it perhaps the chance to spend time with others that share your passion? Whatever you get out of dance, come along and join us. 

What are the benefits of dance?

Dance for many of us is a way of life and also a way of being mindful. Think about it. There is no way you can be thinking about the school run, the food shop or life admin when you dance. Believe me, if you do, you end up doing a spin and stumbling into the next step! Or hopping instead of pick up heeling. Or going up with your arms to forth position instead of fifth. Dance is a mental workout and enables us to focus the mind, body and soul. It also helps burn off those lockdown lumps with all the jumping around we do. Swap sourdough baking to Salsa shaking to really help tone those muscles. 

What are the benefits of dance?

We can talk to you endlessly about the amazing benefits of dance. But here are a few benefits that we’ve put together. Discover these and find a few more for yourself. Feel the Fosse Force! 5,6,7,8!

5. Total body conditioning. Yes dance is a form of exercise. And what a fun exercise to be doing. After a session you complete a total body workout. But the thing is, you don’t even realise how much you’ve moved or worked out for because you have so much fun.

6. Total Mental distraction. You’ve heard of mindfulness and meditation. Dance is both of these. Dance keeps you focused on the here and now and the total present. Let your mind wander and you will stumble. Think about the food shop or any life admin and you will very much pas de tout do any pas de chat! 

7. Total Mental challenge. Learning new routines and new steps in dance means that your mind is being active. The mental challenge that dance gives the mind a total workout. Like a moving musical chess game for the body and mind. 

8. Spiritually elevating. Seriously. Dance is a total expression of body, mind and spirit. Music moves us but dance is where we can fully express ourselves. We’ve tried to explain the feeling of dancing but only when you get up and have a boogie can you really feel it. A magical experience which you can’t help but smile. Join our growing family to feel all the feels with our dances.

Lockdown Lifeline and Loves 

During lockdown, First Dance Studios put on over 700 classes in 6 months online classes. How amazing is that? Classes became a lifeline, for dancers, for the teachers, for all of us. It was so lovely to have a class, see fellow dancers, share a magical moment with them. And dance. It was something that brought us together in a world going mad. A new routine, a place of refuge from the well, rather strange new normal.

Dance made life a little more extraordinary. There has been jazz dance,  ballet, tap dance, contemporary, lyrical, choir, musical theatre all through the power of zoom. Oh yes, we zoomed the day away. So much so that these classes brought a welcome distraction from the lockdown life. And we’ve even had families join in, children, small and big have taken part.

Dancing Queens and Kings

We enjoyed classes so much we are now live-streaming them from the studio! Yep so you can join in live and listen to the music, the steps and the banter. So if you can’t make it to the dance floor, you can still be sure of a dance. 

Dancing together as a troupe, the first dance family is a moment of real connection. That moment when you look in the mirror and see your dance partners move in time in movement with the teacher and you is priceless. If you have yet to see it, come along and have a go. We’ve even made the local press, featured in The Horsell Resident Magazine. 



Keep Dancing!

No matter the weather or world issues, we are in this together with dance. Over the past 15 years First Dance Studios have shimmed, strutted, hop skipped across the dance floor. There is only one rule here and it’s to Keep Dancing! Discover the dancing pleasure for yourself, please browse our timetable here. For further information on dance classes, workshops, events, shows and more please have a look at our social media channels. 

First Dance. For All.


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