Dance on Wednesday - adult and children dance classes online


By Lorraine Ansell | 19 January 2021

Win every Wednesday because we have SEVEN dance and fitness classes for you for your daily exercise. It really is a Winsday with First Dance Studios!

What dance and fitness classes are on today?

Well this very Wednesday we have the following classes that you can do online. We have a mix of live and pre-recorded classes for you. And if you are busy at a particular time then grab a recording and to it at your own leisure.

Pilates with Hayley – this is a pre-recorded class so contact us for some pleasing Pilates. What is Pilates? Have a read through of this fitness post and see how it really is a great all rounder for fitness and mindfulness. Hold that pose!
10.15am Inter Ballet (Barre) with Chrystele – join Chrystele and her class for some classy classes with this solid warm up.
10.45am Inter Ballet (Centre) with Chrystele – then stay on for a routine putting those ballet steps to good use.
11.30am Pointework with Chrystele – coming straight to the pointe with this session to get you working through all the dancing points!
4pm Dance For Fun for Kids with Vicky – Have you got children? That need to let off steam? Then this is the class for them. Vicky takes them through a solid warm up and then easy to follow dance routines so they can move. Check out more information here. 
6pm HIIT & Core with Sophie – Have you got some fitness goals this month you want to reach? Sophie and her popular HIIT & Core class will take you there. Want to know more – read here. 
7.15pm Contemporary with Emily – who is smashing it with a bit of “Say (all I Need) by One Republic. You will find more than your heart with this dance number.

How do I join these dance and fitness classes?

Easy, simply reach out to us and we can give you the details to our online portal for streaming the classes live or send you a recording of the class. Excellent! Please get in touch with us here. 

Be a dance winner, every Winsday!

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