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By Emma Brewer | 19 September 2020

Do you ever get that feeling that you just want to dance like no one is watching? Ohhh well there are a few classes at First Dance Studios where you can do just that. Really? Yes but with others who also love doing that too! What did you say? A class where you can dance, have fun, let loose and dance the time away? Yes there is such as class and we are proud to pivot towards Drop off and Dance. 

What is Drop off and Dance?

So these classes are all perfectly timed so you can “Drop off” the children at school and then head to the studio and well…yes…DANCE! Did you see what we did there? And so Drop off and Dance came into being. Now is your chance to get some serious shape throwing into your day and fitness routine! And all this is thanks to Karen (also a top-tastic tap teacher) who choreographs amazing routines to current choons as well as some cracking classics. And something magical happens because we all end up forgetting about the world for a while. These classes are for all levels and for anyone who enjoys a good boogie around the living room. Which while in lockdown was what we have been doing through the power of Zoom! 

If ever there was a class that was a place to let off some steam, lose yourself in the melody and find your inner sass, strength or sparkle or all three, then this is the class for you! Karen brings extra pizzazz to the dances and our favourite routines that we bring back over and over again to perfect them are Fight Song (you’ll feel like taking on the world afterwards), Polaroid (you’ll believe in love at first sight) and Get Stupid (you’ll wanna bust this one out whenever you hear it).

Dance like no one is watching

And there are so many more fantastic feet moving tunes. The routines are easy to pick up and you will be humming along to the music for days afterwards with a huge smile on your face. The dance style is pretty much a mixture of spoonfuls of jazz, pinches of freestyle and a lot of letting loose. The result? A dance dish that crackles with happiness. Come along and join us.


Can’t make it to the studio this week? 

OK, life is a busy thing for many of us, even in or out of lockdown. But not to worry, even if you can’t make it to the studio or you miss out on a socially distanced spot, there are also livestream and Zoom classes available so you will never miss a beat! Log on and Dance is the same principle, simply log on and dance along with us, from the comfort of your own home, garden or even holiday (yes, we’ve had a few take us with them like all the holiday essentials!)

In fact many love classes so much they’ve been doing them twice a day during lockdown and now back at the studios. Fabiana, who regularly uses zoom to catch the livestream of the classes, says that classes are “full of energy and an amazing class, like you dance as if nobody is watching!

What do I need to wear to dance class?

As this is a fun, dance around and just move about type of class, it can get warm so please wear comfy clothes. Anything that you can move easily around in and bend your legs and raise your arms. Bring along a bottle of water for hydrating breaks and jazz shoes. (There are many on the market and anything that is a jazz shoe or jazz sneaker works well.) And of course if you have a dance logo t-shirt then get that on, we love to see when our dancers wear those!

We can’t wait for you to join us, so drop off your children, the cat, the dog, whatever you are doing and dance! Drop off and Dance (DOAD) classes are on a Monday, Thursday and Friday. Please see the timetable and please do get in touch if you if you have any questions. And remember Drop off and DANCE!

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