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Super 6 on Saturday

By Lorraine Ansell | 05 February 2021

You and dance – makes a great combo don’t cha think? Yes, here at First Dance Studios we’ll take that combo, thank you very much. But let’s add a little…spice! This Super Saturday we have a Sizzling Selection of class combinations for you. What have we got in store this weekend? Discover your next dance class below.


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10.30am – CONTEMPORARY dance with Emily

Show off your biggest smile and step deep inside for a wonderful light dance. Scene steal with a contemporary classic and you’ll be your own Guardian Angel whether you step to the right or the left. Emily explains each step and sequence clearly so you can follow along whatever your dance level. Check out the class here. 

12 noon – TAP MASTERCLASS with Karen

You’re always amongst friends in this tap technique class. This week; Combinations. They’ll  start super simply and then build up to more complicated special sequences. Be drawn to the flame with “That Man”  gem of a song  from Caro Emerald and travel over to “New York, New York.” From simple to complicated to sequences and working them from slow, medium to fast.  So step tap together for a few special combos. Starting with paradiddles, shuffles, close work, a couple of time steps. I mean, who doesn’t Love to Boogie. Giles is resting this week but will return to ably assist in the next few weeks.


Pointe ballet shoes for dance


1pm – TAP ROUTINE  with Karen

We L-O-V-E the syncopated combination steps in this piece. This particular routine is packed full of tap combinations. Fast, furious with kick steps and a hop step or two to ensure that this tap class was made for you and me. Travelling cramp rolls, slides back, pendulums and enough one-off steps to work the dance brain cells. Join us for a bit of tip top tap.

2pm – BALLET with Emma

Suitable for all levels this ballet class warms up at the barre with brilliant exercises including frappes, tendus, pliés, bras bas as well as a few penchés. Here we warm our muscles especially the legs, hips and arms as well as feet and toes to get us moving. Then centre class where we dance to the wonderful music from Don Quixote Act II: Quiteria and Basilio. The ballet itself is a 3 act episodically based ballet based on the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes, Don Quixote. Come and see how ballet can make you fly.

Super 6 on Saturday Dance together online

2.45pm – Show Tap with Emma

Be the King of your own…zoom room (living room, kitchen, garage) and tap away to Newsies. Ohh that Calypso style airplane arms toe heel combo is lit! Again we take a big tap bite out of the Big Apple and work it down Broadway and beyond. Come and make some Tap Combination Headlines with our tap gang. Hold the front page!

4pm – Latin SOLO with Katie

This week Brewer’s Ballroom brings you – the CHARLESTON. Do your very own thing this week as we learn the steps to work into the dance combination. Katie has the Windmill, Charleston Basics, Flare kicks, Cows tail and finally it will be as easy as Falling off the Log! They’ll be no need for TV, Netflix or any daily exercise outside with this particular dance step and combinations. You will be singing!

What are these dance classes like?

Try any or all of the dance classes – have a look at the Classes Page to see the videos in each dance and fitness discipline. Please contact us here or email us and find out the zoom details.

And remember…

That Sophie spearheads Super Sunday with Zumba and Stretch Flow to round off a weekend of dance and fitness. All online and recordings are available.

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