Drop off and Dance Show Number

Dance and drama that binds us!

By Karen Theunissen | 08 September 2020

Every time I walk into the studio, or latterly open up Zoom, and dance with the lovely people I have met over the years I am reminded how lucky I am that my hobby became my job, and how much I still love it. Every. Single. Day!

Mind the Tap Gap!

“Hi KT, it’s Em… erm…how would feel about starting a technical tap class? Several people are asking for technique classes and that’s soooooooo much more you than me!!” 

And so Tap Gap was born! Followed by Tap Technique and Beginners Plus and then finally taking over the reins of Inter Tap at the weekends! I love dancing, really love it, but if I had to choose I would choose tap, and bizarrely my favourite thing about tap is analysing and correcting! I know, odd! But I love fixing things and seeing people get over a hurdle they have been stuck on for ages and suddenly be able to just go, go, GO!

I love mixing ISTD exercises with my own variations to keep things fresh and interesting; bringing in moves and ideas form the US; I love speeding things up and watching everyone panic!, I love creating show pieces and one offs; and I love tapping along with all of it.

Just Dance

And then there’s Drop Off And Dance, such a brilliant idea of Emma’s – drop the kids at school, and come straight to class! Initially this concept was to be in school halls so people were already in the right place, but schools are so busy these days this didn’t pan out for long and we started looking for premises to run courses. I started a class in Chobham – many of whom still attend now 8 years later!!. One class became two, and then things were moved back into the studio and we just watched the classes grow and grow, with now 3 classes a week and a really great turn out.

We laugh so much in these classes! The great music, the different styles, the mistakes we make (especially me!), picking someone up when they are feeling down, it really is the perfect therapy. It’s just “Dancing like no-one is watching” for a whole hour and we love it!! It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s GREAT exercise that you don’t even realise you are doing, and it is a place to escape and enjoy.

Karen Theunissen keeps us dancing

Dance with Friends and Family

Emma, Katie and I danced together as kids with their locally famous Nanny Brewer. Our lives crossed paths over the years with gaps in between, but always the constant thread of dance and drama binding us together. Since leaving my career to raise a family, I cannot think of a better job to have, it ticks every box in my book and I love being a part of the First Dance Family.

When can we dance with Karen?

We love Karen’s classes and you will to, so please have a look at the timetable for all your tap and dance needs. Even if you can’t make it into the studio you can still join in the fun with us and Livestream into class or Zoom. Please get in touch with any questions. 

In the meantime, drop what you’re doing and join in the fun!


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