Our team of 15+ dance, singing, wellness and fitness teachers have over a century of dance experience between them. From stints on the West End stage to teaching at First Dance Studios full time, our teachers bring extra jazz hands to each and every class!

Emma Brewer

Emma Brewer

Award winning Artistic Creative Director / Choreographer /Teacher
Theatre Jazz, Tap & Ballet and Choreography Genius for The Vision Project

Emma is the most amazing dance director, teacher, dancer, friend, sister, all rounder superstar here at First Dance Studios. A graduate of the Jazz Dance School and Bodyworks, Emma has been throwing serious shapes since she was a toddler.

She hails from a dancing dynasty and continues to bring stellar productions, routines, teachers and jazz hands to the studios. Having set up First Dance Studios in Woking in 2005, Emma continually brings dance to everyone. 

Since 2010, Emma has been organised full-scale shows and performances with over five shows planned, choreographed and rehearsed.

Fun fact: Emma was taught by dance professional Greg Apostolidis, who performed in Thriller – yes the Michael Jackson one! And she has also taught British Royalty (a certain young princess) in her long dance teaching career.

Phrase: “From the top” and “It might be a bit faster”

Emma teaches Jazz, Ballet, tap, first dances and special occasion dances.

Her classes include Show & Challenge Tap, Theatre Jazz and Ballet / Contemporary.

Emma also teaches first dances for weddings and anniversary celebrations, parties and occasion events.

Katie Brewer

Katie Brewer

Ballroom & Latin – Brewer’s Ballroom

Katie is our brilliant Ballroom & Latin dance teacher and also the bestest of best little sisters to Emma. She can watch a routine once and be pretty much show ready in a matter of seconds. Katie has been at the studio since day 1 (which makes it over 15 years now) and dancing since she could follow Emma onto the dance floor.

These days Katie brings the bling into every ballroom class and we’ve also enjoyed many a Fame line dance event thanks to her. With dance in her veins, Katie is an inspired choreographer and puts the s into sassy salsas. Katie teaches ballroom and latin to both individuals and couples. 

Keep a look out for Ballroom workshops over the year. Limited spaces for beginners Ballroom workshops.

Favourite Routine: Thriller – who doesn’t love a bit of The Walking Dead?!

Fun fact: Brewer’s Ballroom is a firm favourite and Katie should be on the Strictly Panel! And did you know that Katie is actually Head of Dance at The Yehudi Menuhin School?

Beginner or expert Katie will help you bring out your ballroom best every week so please see her Brewer’s Ballroom classes which take place every Thursday and Friday. 

For some extra bling in your ballroom wedding dance then Katie is your teacher. She teaches First Dances that sparkle.

Karen Thunissen

Karen Theunissen

Drop off and Dance, Tap Dance, Tap workshops

Karen or KT for short, is our terrific tap and dance teacher. With over 9 years teaching experience at the First Dance Studios, Karen has run over 3000 classes in that time. A lover of a newly released tap time step, Karen brings clean sharp lines to each & every routine. 

Her classes include every level of tap from beginners to advanced and the high energy and high fun “dance like no one is watching” classes  “Drop off and Dance”.  As soon as the music goes on, the steps Come Alive and Time to Get Stupid on the dance floor.

Favourite Phrase: “Up and More Up” 

Favourite Show Number: Come Alive – one of 20+ numbers on rotation

Sophie Vickery

Latin Fitness, Bootcamp and NEW FITNESS WORKSHOPS online

Sophie is our experienced Fitness teacher, BootCamp Boss and a lot more besides. She is a finalist in the Muddy Stilettos 2021  “Best Fitness Instructor in Surrey!” Sophie has been teaching for over five years and taught almost 1000 classes. So if you are looking for high-intensity fitness and recovery with proven results and leaves you wanting more then she has the classes for you. 

Fun Fact: Sophie has taught Zumba from sunny Cyprus and has danced with the prima ballerina herself Darcey Bussell.

Favourite Routine: Zumba Battle – with feathers! 


Vicky Jukes Musical Theatre

Vicky Jukes

Musical Theatre & Broadway Boogie (Musical Theatre Fitness)

Life is more joyful with song & dance and Vicky brings extra sparkle to every class. An amazing actress, singer, dancer and more besides, Vicky will have you performing five minute spectaculars before you can say “Together Wherever We Go.”  Teaching with us since 2017, Vicky brings words and movements to a high octane level. Vicky teaches musical theatre with performance very much at the heart and soul and actively focuses on classes with stage management in mind.

She is an expert in performance and content and recently put on a wonderful afternoon to Musicals and Cream Tea treats. Vicky also works at Eton College in the theatre.

Fun fact: Vicky ran the 2023 Marathon raising money for the Miscarriage Association

Favourite Show Number: “Together Wherever We Go” 

Through thick or through thin Vicky will make you smile. Her classes are a great all rounder for performance, song and dance as well as character analysis.

Chrystele Bourven

Chrystele Bourven

Ballet, Pointework

Chrystele by name and a genuine diamond dancer by nature. A spot on ballet teacher with parfait poise. Teaching with us since 2019, Chrystele is always encouraging and ensures we glissade assemblé correctly.  Chrystele really brings a certain passion au metier and wonderful to watch. Always on pointe. 

Fun fact: A seafood and summer lover 

Favourite Routine: I Got Rhythm and Presence



Diana-Louise Towe

Contemporary, Street/Commercial & Heels

Diana is officially the World No. 1 in Tap Dancing!! Diana is also an incredible commercial and contemporary dancer bringing the sass and attitude to Monday and Wednesday nights.

Diana has also been involved in The Vision Project.

Favourite Routine: Bury a Friend – less creepy more stylishly sassy thanks to Diana

Fun fact: Favours an apple pie as a treat 

Samantha Thomason

Barre Fitness

Samantha is our Brilliant Barre-ista. She teaches Barre Fitness and she knows a thing or two about working the muscles.

Favourite Routine: “Coldplay” Ballet

Fun fact: Samantha is a health specialist as well as well-being teacher so keeps an eye on all of us as we join her at the Barre.


Hayley Jacques

Hayley Jacques


Hayley has been at First Dance Studios for a few years now and is a great Pilates teacher. She is encouraging and ensures you hinge at the right point and breathe in and out when you should. Her knowledge is tip top and her classes are open to all levels. Pilates is a fitness favourite here as it improves flexibility, muscular and core strength and can help with rehabilitation. Hayley is always in the meowment while helping you purrfect your cat stretches. 

Fun fact: Loves to travel, anywhere including the Maldives, Italy and beyond

Favourite routine: Semi supine stretches


Grace Fletcher


With a musical theatre background as well as a dance teacher, Grace loves a song or two. A stunning singer who showcased both her voice and dancing at our last show in April 2022 “It’s All About the Vision – Take Two”. Grace brings both fun and vocal health to this new Choir.

Favourite Routine: “Thank you for the Music”

Fun fact: Has sung internationally and loves an Easter bonnet

Fran Willoughby

Ballet, tap, theatre jazz, 

With a background in performance as well as the creative arts, Fran’s classes are firm favourites at First Dance Studios. Fran is a triple threat and we can’t wait to see her numbers in our next show in 2024!

Favourite Routine: Dancing Fool from Copacabana – you would be a fool to miss it.

Fun fact: Fran is exceptionally talented at painting the most gorgeous flowers!

Adèle Erika

Theatre Jazz

The amazing Adèle has a background in performing arts and runs a beautiful daytime jazz class on Fridays. Some of Adele’s routines are more lyrical in nature and are typically are from some of our favourite musicals.

Favourite Routine: “What I did for love”

Fun fact: Adèle is a polyglot speaking English, French, Spanish and Italian. Very handy for all things singing and dancing.

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