Kids Dance Free Style online with First Dance Studios

Kids go Free-Style in Dance

By Lorraine Ansell | 26 January 2021

I love to dance, you love to dance and children of all ages love to dance! So what better way than to let off steam and get rocking and rolling after homeschooling. Every Wednesday afternoon at 4pm, its all for the kids!

A kids dance class near me?

Yes, First Dance Studio Kids is close at hand for when your children need to get moving to the dance beats. Every other week Vicky creates a new dance routine to try out. There are special dance sequences that are added in and the musical choice is pop, bop and don’t stop! Want to know more – read here. 

What happens in this dance class?

Every week there is a new dance skill section to the children’s dance class to learn. This week the dance skill is JIVE. time to learn the shape of this dance as well as the elements that take this dance from fun to full on. The kids can request any style and even pick the music of the moment!

As well as all that there is a  ‘freestyle button’ where the kids can do any moves they like! The main point is that they can have fun and keep moving. Great for expending excess energy, great to learn dance moves, great to learn musicality and rhythm and great fun.

When is the kids dance class?

Join Vicky and her dance gang every week on Wednesday at 4pm online streaming live. To get the log on information and details please email us here on or DM us on our social media feeds.

Don’t stop moving to the freestyle beat!



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