Join the HIIT & Core squad

Join the HIIT squad

By Lorraine Ansell | 17 February 2021

If, like me one of your new year goals is to take pity on the bathroom scales and loose a little of the love handles, this fabulous fitness discipline that is the HIIT & Core session led by the Super Sophie has arrived. Every Wednesday at 6pm join us as we engage in some serious and sassy fitness sessions.

What is a HIIT session?

HIIT me up with the info. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training which has periods of high intensity effort in exercises following by periods of rest. This style of exercise is said to lead to quicker and more efficient weight loss and toning of those muscles. Glutes we are looking at you!

What happens in a HIIT & Core fitness class?

Classes are all online so perfect and the only challenge is to log on. Super easy and super simple to follow along in class. To warm up before hitting, Sophie starts a solid warm up dance. This routine encourages muscle groups to switch on and to breathe consistently before the sets of exercises.

Then classes consist of both cardio and strength work. Matt work is also a key feature and helps for targeting areas. There are two exercises that often come up. The Mountain Climber and the Burpee.

How to do a Mountain Climber

Check out the video to see how Sophie explains them. Come down into a high plank position, shoulders and wrists aligned and a nice flat back. Then drive the knee towards the chest. Brace your core and keep your shoulders, hips and feet straight. Repeat the movement and keep your weight forwards so you keep them nice and quick. Sophie’s Top Tip is “to imagine the floor is really hot for your feet.” Everything at your feet is made of lava. You can either go slowly or speed it up.


The Burpee

In slow motion go down onto your hands. Then jump back into high plank and then jump up. Simples. A lower version of the Burpee is to take the jump out. So instead of that final jump up you remain standing straight. A third lower version is to plant your hands and then walk the legs back. Keep the shoulders and wrists aligned.

When is Sophie’s HIIT & Core class?

Every Wednesday join Sophie at 6pm for a live class which is streamed online and is also available as a recording. Please get in touch with us here at or on our contact page.  

Sophie has been leading our Love Fitness, Love February classes so take a look at those here. 

Keep fit, keep climbing,


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