First Dance Studios now Open

Dance Studio OPEN

By Lorraine Ansell | 03 December 2020

Home studio HOME! Yes, once again our Dance studio is open again for dance classes. We are very excited and we have just over two weeks of amazing dance classes both online and in studio for you to take part in. We’ve missed seeing you in the studio and we are so happy to have you back. The dance boxes are back and no one gets put in any corner!

What dance classes are on?

Please see here a breakdown of all the classes we have on offer. We have everything from ballet, tap dance, contemporary, theatre jazz, Drop off and Dance, Musical Theatre, Latin and Ballroom, choir and much more. There are so many to pick from. Dance from your own Royal Box – there are 10 to choose from.

Has the First Dance Studios Timetable changed?

Yes, we still have your firm favourites that you’ve been dancing to online while we have been in lockdown number two. However we will have some dance disciplines going back into the studio AND also live-streaming. So whether you choose to join us in the studio or stay at home, we have the dance classes for you. Please see the updated timetable. This is valid from Thursday 3rd December to 19th December 2020.



What is the COVID Policy?

We want to dance but we also want people to be safe and stay well. We have consulted an expert in COVID safety matters and we have a strict COVID policy.  There will be two hand santising stations and you must wait outside the building until your teacher allows you in. 

Please note that for LIVE STUDIO Classes – COVID SAFE STUDIO;

  • -You must arrive at least 5 mins before your class to be let in to the building
  • -Late arrivals may not be allowed access to the building
  • -The class will be 55 mins in total so to give you time to exit and for a clean in-between classes
  • -No social mixing
  • -Everyone enters at the same time
  • -Keep to dancing in your own space – boxes clearly marked out
  • -No bare feet


All classes are COVID safe – further details below. To book onto your favourite Studio classes please ensure you use the booking system we use on Mindbody;

  • 1. Download the app “Mindbody”
  • 2. Search for First Dance Studios
  • 3. You will see the schedule on there to be able to book through.
  • 4. For information about how to use the Mindbody app  please watch this video.

Can I stay at home and dance?

Yes of course you can. All studio classes are available online to livestream them just like we have been doing in lockdown. And if you can’t make a class then of course, ask for the recording and we can send it to you. Easy peasy. It has been lovely to see you dancing from the zoom rooms. We just want to keep dancing with you. If you need any of the details for logging into class then please do get in touch. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you back in again.

Keep safe, keep well, keep dancing,


Opening hours

Monday-Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

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