First Dance Studios FAQs

By Emma Brewer | 10 September 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Studio Guidance

We continually keep an eye on the latest developments and classes in studio are a maximum of 10 people. Please read the latest rules for joining us at First Dance Studios.

Here’s what we will do to keep you protected… 

o Classes will be 55 minutes to allow for a 5-minute antibacterial wipe down of handles, switches, pegs and equipment between classes 

o No First Dance Studios classes will clash start or finish times with Prime Acrobatics 

oHand gel will be provided inside the centre and the studio for all dancers and teachers 

o The teacher will verbally confirm with each dancer on arrival, that they are well and showing no symptoms 

o No floorwork will currently be undertaken, and all routines will be non-contact (excluding Ballroom) 

o The studio will be marked out into 10 dance spaces, each 2 metres by 3 metres. Dancers must remain within their dance space for the duration of the class 

o Each dancer will be allocated a numbered peg for their bag to hang on, distanced from other pegs 

o Each dancer will be allocated a numbered area on the windowsill for their water bottle, distanced from other bottles 

o Each dancer will be allocated a space underneath the bench for outdoor shoes
o Windows and doors will remain open whenever possible and air conditioning units will not be used 

o The disabled toilets at Prime Acrobatics will be available for use, and will be wiped down after every class 

o Live Stream will be available via Zoom for all the LiveStudio classes so that dancers can also join from home. Some dancers in the studio may be seen on the video. If you don’t wish to be in the shot, please inform the teacher as the webcam only shows certain dance areas. 

o The studio will be thoroughly cleaned every day

o No cash or cheques will be accepted, online payments only 

o And the worst thing of all….no hugging!…for now! 

Here’s what you can do to help protect yourself and others 

o Dancers arriving for class should wait outside the building (2 metres apart) or in their cars until the previous class has departed and the studio has been wiped down 

o Dancers MUST prebook onto classes via MindBody, no “Drop In” sessions will be available, this is also to allow us to Track and Trace in the event of a confirmed case. Please DO NOT book onto MindBody if you will be LiveStreaming via Zoom as this would occupy a studio space 

o Dancers must arrive 5 minutes before their class start time
o Dancers who book onto a class but do not arrive must still pay as classes are limited to 10 

o Dancers should use the hand gel provided when entering the studio. Masks are not required unless you wish to wear one 

o Dancers must change their shoes in the studio from outdoor shoes to a dance shoe, or socked foot. No bare foot dancing 

o Children and other guests will not be able to enter the studio, or watch from the benches 

o Dancers should leave the building promptly after their class to help facilitate the start of the next lesson, and be sure to remove any and all belongings from the studio 

o Dancers must not attend with a fever or any signs of Coronavirus (or other illness), and must adhere to self-isolation rules within their household should they or a family member come into contact with a confirmed case.

Please see our timetable for latest classes here. 

Opening hours

Monday-Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

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