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By Lorraine Ansell | 22 December 2020

What a finale! Strictly was sparkly, showy and FAB-YULE-OUS! And what a winning show stopper from Bill Bailey and Oti Mabuse. Did you watch the glittery dance show season final? This week First Dance Studios held the final Strictly Tea Break to chat about the final. And what a final – those fantastic amateurs and pro dancers really made us smile on a day we really needed to be uplifted. Our very own panel of Anton’s Angels, Craig’s Chicas, Shirley’s Stars and Motsi’s Marvels assembled and went through the final dance steps of the season.



First Dance Strictly Dances

Samba-dy to dance with

Magical Maisie was effervescent with dancing prowess. Her rolls were strong and she gave every dance an injection of vitality and joie de vivre. Despite her tender years, Maisie showed that to dance is to live. From a strong start Maisie developed into a dancer that partnered with Gorka at times it was hard to tell who was the celebrity and who was the pro. Her hard work paid off for a solid well deserved spot in the final. Her beautiful Quickstep (When You’re Smiling by Andy Williams) was quite the heart lifter and her steps were lovely and very lively.

Rapping to dancing delight

Less of the dad dancing and more of the rock star shine now with Bill Bailey. His totally commitment to the emotion of each dance was a class in performance. Bill’s musicality took him to the winning spot simply because he made it look effortlessly fun. Hitting each beat in that piece (Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang) was a real highlight. If you have ever wanted to bring out your own Bill Bailey, come along and join us. We have dance classes for everyone to try out. Darren started tap dance a few years ago after a lifetime of thinking he would never get the chance. But he went to a tap workshop and has not looked back since.

Dance like Hercules 

Dancing is about steps but Jamie showed us that dance is about fun. He stepped up and brought us smile after smile. When he stepped onto the dance floor you knew you would be entertained. Couples Choice (Gonna Make You Sweat by C+C Music Factory) showed just how much both Karen and Jamie were in tune with each other. Dancing like that takes practice but also an inner devotion to dance. Even if the steps aren’t perfect, the joy shines through! We bring that sunshine each time we dance but always at our dance shows. 

Dancing is much more than movement

When HRVY finished that gold show stopping grand dance number with Janette, his tears showed us how hard he had worked. We were there with him as he jived in week 1. Now in the final week, his jive had a full live sharpness to it that we all admired. As he spoke about how dance is more than a dance resonated with us. When we all dance together in the studios no matter your choice of dance discipline, we feel alive. And like HRVY we work hard to make that magic happen.


Katie Brewer Ballroom Teacher

Brewer’s Ballroom

Our very own Katie Brewer, very much deserving of a place on that panel, is a superb salsa, samba and splendid teacher. We look forward to all joining her back in 2021 as she takes us through more Strictly Dance Steps.

For further information on classes please have a look at the dance disciplines and times here. We continue dancing either in studio or zoom so you can have the choice.

And you know what they say….keeeeep dancing!



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