And now we DANCE!

And now we DANCE!

By Lorraine Ansell | 03 November 2020

First things first. Even in lockdown the First Dance Studios family does one thing and one thing only. We keep dancing, together. And this week, in Drop off and Dance we have been learning a great routine for when we come back together in the studio. However there is a chance to learn some more great routines online with live-streaming classes.

Learn a dance routine in record time

Wait, what? A whole dance routine in just over 30 minutes? Yes, challenge set and challenge accepted. Karen will take you through all the steps to a whole list of fantastic songs. This week we have, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. You know this song because it was from the first Trolls film. It has a great even beat and it will give you a bright sunny feeling at the end. We also have “Better when I’m dancing” by Meghan Trainor. And isn’t that the truth right there in one song? Yes, the best therapy ever is dance. This routine, has a fun skipping section and what I like to think of as a victory roll step. Just move your body.

I haven’t been to dance in ages – will I be able to learn it?

Yes, it is really easy to learn because Karen will break it down really well and with super easy steps. The result will be that you can learn a new dance, keep fit, have a giggle and dance it all out. The dance steps are jazz and modern but it is mixed ability and easy to pick up if you have never danced this one before or indeed danced before. It is a funky track that you will wanna bring your sassiness back with. There is a free style arm combo in this that you will try and outdo yourself each and every time you do this dance number. 

So get into the dance zone with Karen, because you’ll love the way we rock it that you really won’t want to stop. And the real question is, if this were to be a show number what would we wear?

Drop off and Dance

And now class…DANCE!

When can I learn this dance? 

This Thursday 5th November at 11.30am, Karen will go through “Better When I’m Dancing”. And then on Friday 6th November, from 9.30am it will be “Can’t Stop the Feeling”.  All these dance sessions will be all online through zoom. Please get in touch with us for the code and password for dance class. Every week there is a different routine, where a dance number will be broken down. The rest of November will see the following numbers taught from scratch.

What dance routines can I learn?

There are over six dances to learn during lockdown with Drop off and Dance. The dance steps will be broken down and easy to do from home. There are sessions on two days where Karen will take one dance and go through it right from the start.

Thursday Classes at 11.30am 

As mentioned above, the first one this week is “Better when I’m dancing”. And the following weeks there will be;
Thursday 12th November – Fight Song – Ah this song is truly poignant and this will make you feel stronger by the end of it. There is a march step in this one that no matter how big the waves you face in life, you will march proud and feel like taking on the day in style. Personally I love the Explosion bit but you’ll have to join us to see what I mean.
Thursday 19th November –  I’m So Excited – Yes thank Crunchie it’s…Thursday in this case. But yes, get set to lose control because you will like it. I can’t hide the fact that the kick section in this makes me feel like I am having a whole disco session to myself. Excited you will be, exhilarated you will be, excellent you will feel. Let Karen, Point(er) you to the right rhythm of this cracking 80s choon!
Friday Classes at 9.30am

Friday 13th November – City Of Stars – from LA LA Land. Think lyrical, lovely, slow controlled beautiful sweeping movements. There is a wonderful arm lift on changing relevé (fancy word for rising up on your toes), which makes me feel like a ballerina. Discover your own lights with this dance and bring out your own Emma or Ryan.  You’ll see that some dreams do actually come true.

Friday 20th November – Dear Future Husband – I’m gonna be very truthful with this one, this one is fab-u-lous fun! After this routine, you will realise dance will be your own very one and only in your life. This is a sequence stuffed routine with wonderful jive steps. It also incorporates a few of my favourite steps including the much beloved SatNav step. Join in because it will take you to your dance destination.

Friday 27th November – Come Alive! – Now, just between you and me, there is a hop and rock step in this routine, which makes me burst out smiling like no other step can. This is a show number and there is everything packed in it. We have scary, sassy, joyful and a little bit of unhinged crazy. So, don’t dream with eyes wide open, come along and dance with us because you really will never be the same afterwards! 

First Dance Studios Classes

All Drop off and Dance classes are mixed ability and there are breaks in learning so you can ask questions or ask for steps to be repeated. Drop off and Dance will also be held every Thursday running through all routines to let loose during lockdown. All classes can be seen here. 

Discover your own dance from your own dwelling, with First Dance Studios.


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