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The First Dance Studios Creative Community

We set two Creative Challenges a month. These are free to get involved with and are just a bit of fun!
Even if you have never picked up a paintbrush, camera, or needle and thread in your life, we encourage you to give them a go. You never know, you might discover a new passion!
 You also have a chance to submit your creations into our next Creative Exhibition.
We also run Events which fit the theme of our Creative Challenges. Our Events are a chance to get together and do something creative – maybe in the form of a workshop, trip out, or masterclass. Guaranteed to be a lot of fun! Our Events do often come with a cost, which will vary depending on what we’re up to. Join in with as many or as few as you like!
Our seasonal magazine, Creations, details all the Challenges and Events coming up.
It also features an array of articles to amuse, inform and entertain.
Join our N is for Nature

How to Get Involved

Welcome to our Award Winning Creative Community!

To join us as we get all creative simply follow our Facebook Page here

Or check out the talent we have on the various pages and photos from other our creative challenges and exhibitions here. 

What we get up to;
  • Creative challenges
  • Fun creative events
  • Quarterly magazine
  • Feature your artwork in our exhibitions


And most of all have fun doing it!

S is for Sketch


We were mid-lockdown no.3 and definitely in need of some positivity.  The creative genius that is Emma Brewer came up with an awesome 8-week creative challenge which ran from January to March 2021.

We were set fun challenges using the alphabet – each letter from A to Z was a different creative theme.

Each week a group of over 60 people got creative and did three challenges. From Bakes that would make Paul Hollywood & Prue Leith gasp to paint jobs that reaching abstract artistic heights, we found our inner muse and came up with the goods.

Emma even won the Bayfields Community Champion Award for getting us all creative!

Upcoming Events...

We have a full calendar of creative fun events coming up!

This month in January we have;

H is for Healthkick – a healthy workshop event held at Heather Farm. Please see our details here.

Previous events have included;

L is for Learn – a great event where we show off our pieces we have learnt off by heart. Join us after our practice sessions and show your audience what you can do.

A is for Art – Have a go at some abstract art. Grab your media and get in the creative mood. Head over to the Lightbox to see some actual art in the wonderful Woking gallery and then even try and create your own.

Each month we check out each other’s creations and even exhibit them.

FDS Creations Magazine


Enjoy your FREE AUTUMN creative magazine here

Click the link above and you can download the pdf file of this jam packed inspirational magazine.

We showcase each season of creative challenges with articles written by those who get creative and inspire you to take up the challenges.

The magazine has full details of the challenges and dates of the events so you can see what is coming up each quarter. There is even a full yearly calendar breaking down the challenges by season so you can prepare in advance and plan ahead.


Have a read of our FREE WINTER CREATIONS magazine here. Check out the Christmas Fair and scroll down to the information about the Winter Issue


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