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What are Ronds de Jambe?

By Lorraine Ansell | 15 February 2021

At first glance the words Ronds de Jambe could be describing some yummy delicacy from afar. But here at First Dance Studios we speak fluent dance and know that this is a key step mostly used in Ballet. Emily has been teaching this technique in Beginner Ballet class on Fridays at 11.45am. Check out the ballet classes here.

What is Rond de Jambe in ballet? 

This is a ballet movement that is often used in our ballet dances. It is a movement in classical ballet in which one leg moves in a straight line away from the body before drawing about in a semi-circular motion. It can be performed either on the floor (à terre) or with the leg in the air (en l’air). Yes, ballet is a bonus dance discipline as you end up learning French as well. So Rond here is a circle, a round and Jambe is leg. So round of the leg if you had to translate it word for word.

How do you do a Rond de Jambe?

I managed to catch Emily after ballet class and while I took ballet a gazillion eons ago I was amazed how much the body needs to work to keep alignment and control in this technique. When I learnt it was simply to copy the teacher but what I love about Emily is how she breaks it down for beginner ballet dancers. Learning as an adult can be difficult as you forget how to learn but Emily makes it super simple and I picked up some key ballet technique points.

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What are Emily’s Top Tips for Ronds de Jambe?

  1. 1. Close your eyes at the start of each point so your muscle memory knows where to go
  2. 2. Ensure 2nd is in your own line of turnout – unique to you
  3. 3. Derriere is directly behind you rather than swinging out too far or too in
  4. 4. Think of having headlights on your hips to avoid hip or body rotation. The “headlights” should remain directly in front flashing forward.
  5. 5. Ronds de jambe exercises start slowly with a stopping service and then jump on a fast service to get a flow. Control the leg for a round of that leg.
  6. 6. Have a wiggle and wriggle after as it is a strong work out for the legs


Are there other Ronds de Jambe?

Yes there are in fact quite a few variations of this ronds step. Many can be done as a Demi or half and either on the ground or in the air. You can also do a Rond de jame en l’air releve which is when you are on pointe or on Demi pointe on your toes. The Rond can be jumped so you get a Rond de jame en l’air saute. Add a turn in and it will en tournant. Should you close after completing the Rond then it becomes a ronde de jambe ferme. And finally if you have a jump and make it big then it becomes a grand Rond de jambe jete. But I’ll leave those to when we do ballet performances.

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When is this adult beginner ballet class?

When you’re ready to join us for ronds de jambe and other ballet steps please see the class log in information on our Facebook page or contact us on Emily’s beginner’s ballet class for adults is every Friday at 11.45am streaming live and the recording is available so you can pause when you need to.

If you want to know what you should wear to class then either check out the FAQ page or the videos on our classes page in each dance discipline.

Keep that Rond!


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