By Emma Brewer | 20 August 2020

So here it is, my first ever blog and I was thinking what can I write about? Dancing in 30 degrees heat? The wonders of Zoom? No, what better thing to write about than what to expect from the studio in the next few weeks, fingers and toes crossed.

ZOOM Dance CLASSES for adults

Let’s be honest, these have been a lifesaver. Not just for me but for the other teachers and some of you out there too. No, it hasn’t been perfect as we’ve lost internet signal, smashed furniture up and have been restricted to a lot of pivots choreographically but at least we have still seen each other and kept active. Can you imagine six months of no contact?!

Going forward, when the studio gets back to a new normal, this Zoom online dance classes streaming in real time…timetable will be slightly condensed but still offer 30-40 minute classes in most of the genres. Not sure about tap yet – that might be better in the studio or as one-to-one lessons if you have a board and tap shoes at home.

These will still be taught live by the teacher (from their home) and timetabled each week, but they will also be recorded so that if you can’t make a particular session, the teacher will be able to send it to you anyway, put you in the register and you will have 7 days to use that link.

The new Zoom timetable will be released in September / October this year and until then, the current one will keep going. When the new Zoom timetable is announced, the prices for these 30-40 minute classes will be £4 a session and £40 for an online card of 10 lessons. Until then, they will remain at £3 and £30.

Now this is what most of us are waiting for! At the end of August, I should have an idea of how many people can safely be in the studio at one time and what safety precautions we will have and must have in place. Once this is organised, then the teachers and I will put together a timetable that suits FDS and Prime Acrobatics (I will attempt to keep it as similar to before lockdown as I can).

These classes will be an hour again and the price will remain the same as before lockdown (£8 a drop-in or £70 for a block of 10.) NB; your last studio classes Loyalty Cards have been frozen in March and so do not worry about their expiry dates!

In studio dance and fitness 

Now this is where it gets a little confusing. These classes will also be recorded and livestreamed out to people who cannot physically make it to the studio for some reason. A camera has been installed on the back wall of the studio and will be feeding the class live through Zoom. These will be priced the same as a live class as they are an hour and it will hopefully be almost as good as being there in person. It just means you save the journey time / stay with the kids / don’t have to get on a plane to get there etc…

Does your head hurt yet?

So, no there are no timetables yet (Zoom or live classes) but there will be soon (pinky promise) and I will make sure that there is something for everyone and for all levels too. Ballet, Tap, Jazz (all sorts), Contemporary, Pilates, Ballroom & Latin, Hiit & Core, Stretch Flow, Zumba, Musical Theatre, Choir and much much more! We even might have some kids dance classes again in the autumn too.

Thank you all our lovely dancers

Watch this dance space! Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting and I can’t wait to dance and sing with you again soon.

For further details on classes please check out our dance classes page and you will see times, styles, teachers and also videos of each class.


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