Every Saturday in the dance studio Latin Street

Time for a dance with a Brew(er) or two!

By Lorraine Ansell | 21 June 2021

Tell me you love to dance without telling me you love to dance. I’ll go first….I’ve just booked onto the Two Brewers Latin Street dance class this weekend! Just when you thought the dance sessions at our beloved Heather Farm dance studios couldn’t get any better, the two Brewers have brewed up a storm of a dance. Join the two street sassy sisters as they switch styles for the mash up of dance disciplines we have always wanted and needed! Check out the Two Brewers, Latin Street every Saturday at 3.50pm. Bag your box now!

What is the dance style Latin Street?

These two leg-endary choreographers bring you not one but two dance styles. Emma takes on the street jazz dance challenge and throws in plenty of sass.  Then the baton passes over to Katie who rolls those hips and throws in enough cuban breaks to make this dance Caliente!

What happens in this adult Latin Street dance class?

Like all great duos such as Strawberries and cream, Anton &  Erin and our fave G&T, the E&K aka the Brewer Sisters are back dancing together in style. These two dancers complement each other so well that watching them together and the the whole class join in makes for some magical moves.  Each Brewer takes turns at the dance choreography to make this dance class totally unique. 

How can I join this dance class?

Ok bag your box because this is a super duper popular dance class. Think dancing with your mates, this fabulous dance class in studio is a giggle with a wiggle or two and everything else thrown in. All you need to do is go on the Mind Body app or contact us and we can add you to the waitlist. Keep an eye out as spaces go super quickly.

What type of music is used in this dance class?

Emma & Katie have swiped right and picked two corkers of a tune to warm up to and go full out dance fusion with. Warm up gently to the wonderful Starstruck. Then the absolute audacity of Ciara’s – 1,2, Step featuring Missy Elliott. You really will find it hypnotic as we flick, roll the body, get in some Rond de jambes (swing round of the leg) and some hip action to make Elvis join in, if you want street with a latin vibe this is the dance class for you.

When is this duo Dance class?

Join our very own Dancing Dames, Emma and Katie as they serve up a dance feast which is more dance party than learning. This is a great way to see how two different dance disciplines can be meshed together and merge into a unique dance style. This dance class awaits you and it is on every Super Saturday in the Studio at 3.55pm. 

Now due to popular demand this class is currently full with a waitlist but you can also join in from home as zoom and the dance class recording is also available. Please contact us here for further information. 

Grab your dance shoes and feel Super every Saturday in Studio,




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